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Continuous Sealers

Are you looking to buy continuous sealers to streamline your business?

Installing the right kind of machinery for your manufacturing company can make all the difference. It helps to increase productivity, production numbers and can even save money in the long run. If you’re seeking continuous sealers, let Audion Elektro help you today.

We stock a wide range of band sealers to choose from, perfect for an array of industries. Ranging from the D 662 Band sealer, which is ideal for starters, to the more advanced D 552 NVT Band Sealer which is designed to stand on the floor and comes with an optional conveyor belt.

At Audion Elektro, we provide packaging materials and spare parts, along with the finest technical support you’ll ever need. We source machinery and materials for top manufacturers in the UK, and are go-to place for companies across the South East. With factory-trained engineers who have over 70 years of experience, you can be sure to trust in us.

Visit our website for more information, or if you’re not sure which packaging machine is right for you, call the team today on 01753 546777. We look forward to hearing from you.