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Bag Sealers

Do you feel that your manufacturing line could benefit from a bag sealer? If you run a manufacturing line in which the products are distributed throughout the UK, then you’ll understand just how vital packaging is. Whether you produce food, drinks or supply products to the medical industry, a bag sealer can make all the […]

Automatic Bagger

Running a successful manufacturing business can be a hard task. With so many boxes to tick and standards to be met, you’ll no doubt want to streamline the production line in anyway you can. One fantastic way to ensure that your products are correctly bagged is by installing an automatic bagger. If you’re looking to […]

Heat Sealing Equipment  

Are you looking to streamline your packaging production line? Perhaps you’re in the market for new heat-sealing equipment, but aren’t sure which machine would work best for you? For the latest innovative technology, let the team here at Audion Elektro help you today. Whether you’re opening a brand new production line or are looking to […]

Medical Pouch Sealing Machine

If you work in the medical packing industry, then you’ll understand that industry standards are high. Not only should the materials inside arrive safely at their destination, but ensuring they are free from any outside harm is vital to medical patients. If you’re in need of medical pouch sealing machinery, then we are here to […]

Impulse Sealing Machine

If you work in the food packaging industry, then you’ll know all too well the challenges that it faces. Whether it be health and safety standards or extending the shelf life of foods, machinery must be reliable and efficient all times in order to maintain these standards. If you’re in the market for a new […]

Heat Sealing Machines

Looking for heat sealing machines? Perhaps your current one isn’t reliable and is causing your production line to fail? If so, look to Audion Elektro for all this and much more. Heat sealer machines work by generating heat to seal a package, so that its contents are free from risk of contamination or damage. Heat […]

Impulse Sealers

Are you in the market for a new impulse sealer? Perhaps you’re looking to streamline the way in which you package your products, and need a fast and effective sealer? If so, look to Audion Elektro for all this and much more. Impulse sealers are perhaps the most cost-effective and quickest way to seal products […]

Heat Seal Machines

The food packaging industry faces many challenges and perhaps the most important is to ensure that various health and safety standards are met. What’s more, is that there is also a need to extend the shelf life of foods, meaning machinery must always be efficient and reliable. If you work in the business of food […]

Bag Sealing Machinery

If you run a factory in which your products need sealing from outside elements, then it’s important to invest in a solution which works. For bag sealing machinery which you can trust in, look to Audion Elektro today. Before bag sealing machines became something of normality, packaging products was a hard and tedious task. Naturally, […]

Bagging Machine

Whether your business specialises in the production of food, or small pieces for machinery, it’s vital to have a bagging machine that works. If you’re not sure which bagging machine will be right for you, let the team here at Audion Elektro help you today. Newer technology enables you to package products quicker and more […]