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Medical Pouch Sealing Machine

Do you need to buy a new medical pouch sealing machine? Supplying equipment to the medical industry comes with a large amount of responsibility. Most importantly, the equipment should be free from any outside harm, so it’s important to invest in the right sealing machinery. Here at Audion Elektro, we are here to supply a […]

Shrinkwrapper Machines

Is your production line in dire need of a new shrinkwrapper machine? Investing in shrink wrapping is an ideal choice of packaging, something that many people choose to do for their production line. Not only is it flexible and affordable, but shrink wrapping also helps to protect the product and reduce it from any outside […]

Three Vacuum Packing Machines Fit For Your Requirements

Vacuum packing is a great way to save space for your orders and to provide a good-looking product that can be used for a variety of items. For all shapes and sizes of product, you can use our professional vacuum packing machinery that are perfect for both your large and small jobs. At Audion Elektro, […]

Polythene Bag Sealing Machines

Are you looking to buy a brand new polythene bag sealing machine? One of the most important aspects of running a production line is looking at how you can improve the productivity. Investing in the right kind of machine can go a long way, helping to produce higher numbers and a better product. No matter […]

Medical Sealing Machinery

Do you need to purchase a new medical sealing machine?  Providing equipment for the medical industry can come with its challenges- none more so that the machinery that you use to seal. It’s of vital importance that the equipment you provide reaches its destination safely, without the risk of outside contamination. Not only is this […]

Heat Sealing Machines

Investing in the right heat sealing machine for your production line can help in numerous ways. As well as improving packaging times, you can also ensure that your product gets to its destination safely without the risk of outside contamination. If you’re looking to invest in a new heat sealing machine for your manufacturing line, […]

Heat Sealer

Are you in the market for a new heat sealer? Whilst every element of a production line plays its part, arguably the most vital piece of equipment is the heat sealer. It’s a worthwhile investment to make, something that you need to consider your options when purchasing a new one. The heat sealer needs to […]

Impulse Sealing Machines

Impulse sealing machines Whether you manufacture food, drinks or medical products, it’s vital that your packaging solution is strong and reliable. If your sealing machine is slow or can’t keep up with the speed of your production line, it can harm the way in which your staff works. By getting your packaging right not only […]

Polythene Bag Sealing Machines

Affordable and reliable polythene bag sealing machines   Could your production line benefit from a new bag sealing machine? Is your existing one affecting your products? For polythene bag sealing machines that you can trust in, choose Audion Elektro today.   We make it our mission to stock our website with various bag sealing machines. […]

Bag Sealing Machines

Do you need to invest in a new bag sealing machine? Working in the food manufacturing industry can be rewarding, but it certainly has its challenges- none more so than packaging. The packaging should protect the product from outside harm, have weatherproof properties and should be fast and effective. If your current packaging solution is […]