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Polythene Bag Sealing Machines

Affordable and reliable polythene bag sealing machines   Could your production line benefit from a new bag sealing machine? Is your existing one affecting your products? For polythene bag sealing machines that you can trust in, choose Audion Elektro today.   We make it our mission to stock our website with various bag sealing machines. […]

Bag Sealing Machines

Do you need to invest in a new bag sealing machine? Working in the food manufacturing industry can be rewarding, but it certainly has its challenges- none more so than packaging. The packaging should protect the product from outside harm, have weatherproof properties and should be fast and effective. If your current packaging solution is […]

Heat Sealing Machinery

Heat sealing machinery The benefits of using a heat sealing machine are practically endless. Most commonly used in the food manufacturing business, it allows products to be correctly sealed, stopping anything from the outside getting in. It protects the product in transit and whilst on the shelf, all the while abiding by health and safety […]

Medical Sealers

Are you looking to invest in a new medical sealer? Producing equipment and tools for the medical industry is a rewarding venture. Not only do you get to make a difference to people’s lives, but it can also be financially rewarding. If you run a production line for the medical industry, it’s vital that you […]

Continuous Sealing Machinery

Affordable continuous sealing machinery Working in the food production industry can be a rewarding venture, but it’s important to note that every part of your production line is taken care of. Arguably the most important part is the packaging machine that you use. Does it protect your product? Is it highly functioning and easy to […]

Heat Seal Machine

It’s safe to say that working in the food manufacturing industry can have its challenges- packaging being one of the main hurdles. By getting your packaging right not only means that you can provide your customers with the best possible product, but it also means you stay in line with health and safety measures. If […]

Bag Sealers

Are you looking to invest in a new bag sealer? Finding the right bag sealer for your needs can be a hard task. The bag sealer needs to offer fast packing speeds, protect the product from outside harm, and be able to withstand the heavy demands of your production line. If you’re looking to purchase […]

Flow Wrapper

Are you in the market for a new flow wrapper? Most commonly used in the food packing industry, flow wrappers offer quick packing speeds and flexibility. A flow wrapping machine should be fast, reliable, strong and offer high seal quality. If you’re looking to invest in a new flow wrapper, it is vital to invest […]

Heat Seal Machines

Who can help me purchase a heat seal machine? If you run a production line in which you need to seal your products, you’ll understand just how vital it is to have the best possible equipment. Once your product has been fully manufactured, packaging is vital to ensure that it’s protected from any outside harm. […]

Vacuum Packaging Machine

Where can I find a vacuum packaging machine for my production line? No matter the industry you work in, ensuring that your products are correctly packages is vital. Not only should the packaging correctly display your product, but it should guarantee that no outside harm comes to the produce. Whether you produce veg, fruit, meat […]