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Cups Volume Dosage


The Audion volumetric doser can be used for free flowing products that need to be packed in a set volume. The volumetric doser comes with a storage hopper and a set of telescopic cups. The system can be equipped with optional discharge valves. These valves reduce wearing of the dosage when it is used for products like sand or salt.

The Audion volumetric doser is available in a 1, 2 or 6 cup version. The 1 and 2 cup versions are pneumatically operated and the 6 cup version is driven by an inverter controlled motor, resulting in higher production speed and product volume.
  • Telescopic cups with an adjustment range of 1:2
  • Cup size can be changed without tools
  • Multi dump for greater product volume versatility
  • Product contact parts made of stainless steel and/or food approved materials

VD 06 K

The 6-cups volume dosage is driven on an electrical motor. The cups, which are filled one by one, drop the product exactly above the hopper of the packaging machine. This is controlled by a position control system. All parts in direct contact with the product are made of stainless steel, except the cups, which are made of synthetic material (POM). The cups are telescopic and have a regulation capacity of 1:2.

VD 06 C

For semi-automatic and automatic operation. Can be used with operator or in combination with a AVM automatic form fill sealing machine. Entry level cup filler. Max. Volume: 360 ml.



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Pandy Matic (PDM 400)


Flexible low cost packaging machine

This machine has a high production capacity and a revolutionary compact form/fill/seal system that uses

tube film. It forms pouches in-line before they are filed and sealed. The pandymatic outstands as far as reliability

and ease of operation are concerned. The simplicity of the pandymatic is the design, which allows

the use of tube film and eliminates the inconvenience of forming collars, back seaming and the complex

controls associated with traditional form/fill/seal systems.