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Linear scale


The Audion linear scale consists of a weigh bucket with two feeding lanes (fine and coarse). The product is transported from a storage hopper to the weigh buckets by vibration. When the set weight is almost reached the coarse lane will close and the final weight will be made by the fine lane. The scale is controlled by a PLC with menu operated software. The scale is very flexible and can be used for all types of free flowing products, for example rice, coffee, candy, potato chips, pet food, fertilizer, etc.

Features of the twin scale
  • PLC controlled operation
  • User-friendly handheld controller
  • 10 program memory
  • Weighing range of 50-5000 gram
  • Microprocessor optimized vibration speed
  • Two feeding lanes per weigh bucket (coarse and fine)



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  • Pandymatic
  • PDM400
  • Layflat bagging machine
Pandy Matic (PDM 400)


Flexible low cost packaging machine

This machine has a high production capacity and a revolutionary compact form/fill/seal system that uses

tube film. It forms pouches in-line before they are filed and sealed. The pandymatic outstands as far as reliability

and ease of operation are concerned. The simplicity of the pandymatic is the design, which allows

the use of tube film and eliminates the inconvenience of forming collars, back seaming and the complex

controls associated with traditional form/fill/seal systems.