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AHM 350T Flow Wrapper


The versatile AHM 350T is Audion’s smallest horizontal flow wrapper. The 350T is easy to operate and suitable for individually wrapping all types of products. The product is manually placed on the feeding conveyor and automatically wrapped. The adjustable former is suitable for a film width of 80-350 mm. The packaging speed is adjustable and the maximum capacity of the machine is 60 bags/min.

Main features AHM 350T

  • User friendly control panel
  • Friction feed wheels with quick release system
  • Easy bag length adjustment
  • Adjustable bag former
  • Product feeding conveyor with food grade pushers
  • Stainless steel product contact areas
  • Safety covers
  • Digital temperature controllers
  • Bi-active sealing
  • CE compliant


  • Euro slot
  • Date coder


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Technical specifications AHM 350T
Bag length (min-max) 80-250 mm
Film width (min-max) 80-350 mm
Max. film roll diameter 320 mm
Inner film roll diameter 75 mm
Max. product height 60 mm
Max. product width 120 mm
Capacity* 60 bags/min
Machine dimensions (LXWxH) 2377 x 850 x 1490 mm
Machine weight 250 kg
Voltage 230V-1Ph-50/60Hz
Consumption 2000W

*Capacity is dependent on packaging material, product, environment, etc.