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AVM 200 IC


The AVM 200 IC is the most compact Audion vertical form, fill and seal machine. This bagger is ideal for the packaging of parts and other small items in bags; reducing material costs and increasing production speed. The AVM 200 IC is specially designed to work in conjunction with an optional feeding system, for increased production speed and productivity. A special discharge conveyor is also available for workplace efficiency, taking the packed product from the machine up to table height.

The AVM 200 IC is equipped with PLC controlled impulse seal bars to ensure perfect sealing of polyethylene bag material. The complete machine is operated by a PLC with touch screen that can store up to 50 different programs. The total height of the machine is only 960mm, which makes it capable of fitting next to a work bench.

Optional Feeding System / Discharge Conveyor
This system will improve production output and is ideal when bagging parts as a kit. The feeding system of the AVM 200 IC consists of a sorting table on which the product can be placed, a conveyor belt with dividers, and a product counter with photo eye. The operator manually fills the conveyor slots, the conveyor automatically dispenses the product into the AVM 200 IC, and the counter increments upon detection of the part in the bagger. When the set number of products is counted, the machine automatically seals the bag and the discharge conveyor moves one section forward. The discharge conveyor can also be used as a support for bagging heavy products.


  • Touch panel operator interface
  • PLC controlled operation and sealing
  • Self diagnostic information system
  • 50 program memory storage
  • Bi-active horizontal impulse seal bars
  • Easy exchange of form shoulder without tools
  • Automatic jaw release if product is trapped
  • Print registered film capability
  • End of film detector
  • Batch counter
  • Overlap or fin seal
  • CE compliant


  • Sorting table with feeding belt and counter
  • Discharge conveyor
  • Bar code and printing
  • Encoder wheel
  • Double stroke
  • Chain bags
  • Catch plates
  • Air press device
  • Perforation unit
  • Gas flush




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Technical specifications AVM 200IC
Bag width (min-max)
50-200 mm
Bag length (min-max)
50-200 mm
Max. volume
1200 cm³
Max. weight
2000 g
Film thickness PE (min-max)
50 – 200 micron
Max. capacity with PE*
40 bags / min*
Inner diameter film roll
75 mm
Max. diameter film roll
400 mm
Air pressure
7 bar
Air consumption
200-400 l/min
Machine dimensions (LxWxH)
1200 x 700 x 960 mm
Machine weight
150 kg
230 V / 1 phase / 50-60 hz
2,5 KW
*Capacity is dependent on packaging material, product, environment, etc.