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Contimed D 775 MPCV


Advanced medical rotary sealer for sealing and coding medical sterilization pouches. This sealer is developed to seal pouches according to DIN 58953 Part 7 and is suitable for packing sterilized products according to ISO 11607 and EN 868.



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Machine specifications
621x300x330 mm
26 kg
600 W
Power supply
230V-1 ph-50/60 Hz
Seal speed
adjustable sealing speed 3-13 m/min
Seal width
15 mm multi-line
Temperature range
max. 200 ⁰C
Temperature controller accuracy
Automatic in-feed block when temprature changes > ±5⁰C
Automatic in-feed block when speed changes > ±5% or -9%
Automatic in-feed block when pressure changes >2kg or -1 kg
Alarm on temperature
Alarm on pressure and speed
Internal matrix printer
• 18 dots, 2 lines
Printed symbols according to the EN980 standard
LCD display for parameter settings/programming
• touch screen
Stainless steel top cover plate (epoxy coated base)
Self adjusting pressure wheel adapts to different pouch thicknesses
Various product information programmable
Batch counter
External LAN connection tracebility
Internal clock, calender function
Safety thermostat
Available Options:
  • Stainless steel support table
  • Stainless steel slip roller conveyor