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Medical heat sealer 300 MHS


Dental sealer for sterile and hermetic packaging of your medical tools without risk of burning the Packaging material.



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300 MHS advantages

  • compact table top machine, easy to use
  • Perfect seals without the risk of burns due to overheating
  • 12 mm flat seal in just 4 seconds
  • Can accomodate a larger selection of rolls width
  • Light and acoustic signal
  • No temperature adjustment is needed
  • Integrated work table

300 MHS specifications

  • Seal widht: 12 mm flat
  • Seal lenght: 300 mm
  • Single heated on top, fixed temperature
  • Manual operated knife
  • Buzzer to indicate end of seal time, to indicate seal bar closed permanent
  • 2 colour led indicator (red is error, green is ok)
  • Fixed film reel holder
  • Standards: EN-ISO 12100-1/2, EN-IEC 60204-1, EB-ISO 13732-1, EN-ISO 11607-1, DIN 58953-7
  • IP 20, class 1
  • Voltage: 230V-1phase-50Hz

Application areas

  • Dental practice
  • Medical practice
  • Surgeries
  • Laboratory
  • Veterinary

Audion also supplies sterilisation bags and film on a roll especially for steam sterilisation. (suitable for 300MHS). click herefor roll lengths and sizes