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D 552 NVT Band Sealer


D 552 NVT is a vertical band sealer, designed for large pre-made bags that are sealed standing up. It is ideal for powder, liquid, or solid products that would spill if sealed lying flat. The sealing head on the D 552 NVT can be rotated 90°, from vertical to horizontal, and is also adjustable in height. The D 552 NVT has the same easy-to-operate digital control panel and PTFE seal belts as the D 552 NH. The D 552 NVT is equipped with a height-adjustable integrated conveyor belt. The speed of this conveyor can be synchronized to the sealing unit from the control panel. The new conveyor belt is attached with rubber guide on the inside and it runs along the groove made on the conveyor frame. This structure keeps the belt always in the center position therefore the adjustment is not necessary anymore.

Options: code seal, stainless steel construction (D 552 VTS)



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Powerful sealers designed for

heavy duty

These industrial stainless steel table top impulse sealers

are suitable for sealing flexible synthetic packages to thick

laminate pouches. Seal- and cooling time are independently

adjustable to suit the type of material. The power sealers are

equipped with upper and lower sealing bars both of which

are heated which makes the machine extra powerful. The user

friendly digital panel allows the upper sealing bar to be

switched off when using relatively thin laminates to ensure

accurate and consistent sealing. With this impressive seal

quality this machine is suitable for many different applications

and for larger volumes as well as for delicate products. The

medical versions are suitable for use in validated processes.




Technical information
D 552 NVT / D 552 VTS
Seal width
± 10 mm
Operation speed
Variable up to 10 metre per minute
Conveyor belt width 250 mm
Conveyor belt height Adjustable in 11 positions within 500mm range
Conveyor belt horizontal position Adjustable in 90 mm
1200 Watt
230 V
1410 x 610 x 1440 mm
Weight of machine
± 126 Kg

Please note that the picture shown is of the stainless steel version of the machine.