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Lamino 301


The Lamino heat sealer can be operated by foot pedal, leaving both hands free for handling the product. The profiled sealing bars apply high pressure to seal different kinds of laminated bags e.g.: paper, aluminium, PP and cellophane. A brim on the seal bar ensures the correct position of the seal. As well as pedal operation, the LAMINO can also run in automatic mode (timer controlled).

The LAMINO has an electronic temperature controller (digital) with a temperature range from 50°C to 150°C (+/- 1%). It has an auto test function and automatic setup of the temperature control parameters.

Adjustable bag support table, characters for code seal



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  • Heat Sealer
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  • Tube 50

Compact table top impulse sealer equipped with bi-active sealing bars; a moving thermo controlled

impulse seal bar and a fixed heat seal bar (code seal prepared).




Technical information
301 LM
Seal length
± 300 mm
Seal width
± 13 mm
Film thickness
Depending of the film, to be tested
Max. temperature
150 ºC
Top of bag/seal
0 mm. (aligned at the top of the bag)
600 Watt
320x280x225 mm
Weight of machine
± 17 Kg
Applications: all kinds of heat sealable bags, food products (coffee bags), seeds, ironware, mechanical and electric parts, etc.