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Angle Device & Bag Support for MGMI & MGMDS


AD = angle deviceangle OT
With the new Angle Device the machine can be placed in 2 different angles (steep and less steep, as shown on the pictures). * It can only be used in combination with 421/621 MGMI and MGMDS machines.

The Angle Device can be used in combination with the OTST, giving a nearly vertical position, ideal for sealing light bags.

The Angle Device can also be used in combination with the new Bag Support (see below) for heavy bags, as well as with a roller conveyor for much heavier bags.

BS = bag support
The new Bag Support enables you to seal heavy bags with the machine (up to 25 KG).
It is adjustable in height and can be mounted on the standard support (SP 421, 621).



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