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The Magneta® series consists of a complete range manually operated impulse sealers with different sized models and options. This user friendly and safe machine is ideal for packing small and medium sized series. The machine can work with pre-made bags as well as with tubular foil. When working with tubular foil, the machine can produce various length bags by using the integrated shielded cutting device.

The sealing cycle of the machine can easily be started by pushing down the seal bar by hand or by using a foot pedal. Once started the magnetic bars remain closed throughout the sealing and cooling cycle and then automatically open, ready to make the next seal. The machine is suitable to seal polyethylene, polypropylene and thin laminates and cooling times are adjustable.



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The twin seal model of the Magneta is equipped with two parallel sealing bars. The cutting device will cut the film in between the two sealing bars. With a switch the second sealing bar can be turned off, so the machine can be used as a standard machine as well. Only on the 300 model the second seal bar can not be switched off.
MAGNETA MGDS – Bi-active
The bi-active model of the Magneta is equipped with two sealing bars, one in the arm and one in the machine. Thanks to the two sealing bars this machine is much more power full than a standard machine. It can seal thick films up to 2x 0,25mm.
MAGNETA MGMI – 5 mm seal
The MGMI model of the Magneta is equipped with a motor and a 5mm wide seal instead of the standard 3mm wide seal. The seal wire from this model is fastened with tensioners in order to prevent the dilution of the wire
MAGNETA MGS in stainless steel
The MGS model of the Magneta is made out of stainless steel for special applications like the food industry or for violent environments. The MGS has a stainless steel housing and accessories. All the other characteristics are identical to the standard model. The options like the support table and the support are available in stainless steel as well
The Magneta MGM is Audion’s latest development on the Magneta series, which has conquered the market successfully. The Magneta MGM sealer is powered by an electrical motor and equipped with an electrical foot switch. This special system enables you to close the sealing jaws with a gentle push on the pedal. The seals are from a consistent and reliable quality. Almost all Magneta models can be supplied as MGM version and the Magneta options also apply to the MGM models

less steep angle

We developed new accessories for the Magneta range:

angle OT

  • AD = angle device. With this item the machine can be placed in 2 different angles (steep and less steep, as shown on the pictures) The AD can only be used in combination with MGMI and MGMDS machines.
  • BS = bag support. A new bag support which is adjustable in hight and can be mounted on the standard support (SP 421, 621). This special bag support enables you to place heavy bags on the machine (up to 25 KG).

    The angle device can be used in combination with the OTST, giving a nearly vertical position, ideal for sealing light bags (for which the Bag Support is not needed). The Angle device can of course also be used in combination with a roller conveyor for much heavier bags.