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Audionpack H20/H25


These seal/shrink combinations are ideal for moderate production quantities (up to 300 packs per hour).

The machines operate with a shrink hood instead of a tunnel. The hood is closed by an electronic hold-down magnet during the film sealing and heat-shrink wrapping operations. Almost any product can be shrink wrapped in this clever machine. These AUDIONPACK machines have -due to an accurate temperature control – a better seal quality and longer wire lifetime as most other similar machines in this market segment.

Standard specifications of Audionpack shrink hood machines:

  • Multi languages LCD, parameters in text
  • Memory capacity: 6 programs
  • Easy maintenance Sealing and shrinking in one operation
  • PTFE coated sealbar
  • Internal packaging frame adjustable in height
  • Movable Work shelf, free from reel holder
  • Electro-magnet closure of shrink hood
  • Automatic shrink hood opening after completion of cycle
  • Seal temperature controlled by microprocessor
  • Shrink time and temperature controlled by microprocessor
  • A large fan, resulting in more air circulation, which will increase the shrink capacity
  • Possibility to adjust shrink delay
  • Possibility to adjust hood opening delay
  • Program options: seal only/ seal and shrink
  • CE Certified







  • I Sealer
  • L Sealer
  • Side Sealer
  • Shrink Tunnel
  • Hood Machnie
  • Chamber Machine
  • Audionpack
  • Automatic shink machines
  • AP H20
  • AP H25
  • AP H22SA
  • Elamtic
  • CS Matic
  • SKI Shrink
  • 161B Shrink System
  • Heat Gun
  • L500
  • L800
  • L500 SA
  • L800 SA
  • Audion
  • LT470
  • LT670
  • Shrink Combi
  • TM 18
  • TM 18L
  • TM 30
  • Shrink Tunnel

Audion Shrink range covers all models from standalone heat guns and sealers, to hood machines,combi Heat tunnel and L Sealers, L sealers starting with manual units upto full automatic side Sealers like the El matic and CS matic




Technical Specifications AP H20 AP H25
Seal frame dimensions 440 x 300 mm 560 x 430 mm
Max. product height 210 mm 260 mm
Production capacity  up to 300 p/h  up to 300 p/h
Number of heating elements 1 2
Max. film reel size  Ø 300 x 500 mm Ø 300 x 600 mm
Machine dimensions (lxwxh) 1050 x 682 x 1015 mm 1240 x 815 x 1100 mm
Machine weight 71 kg (98 kg gross) 88 kg (121 kg gross)
Shipping size (lxwxh) 1140 x 760 x 680 mm 1330 x 910 x 770 mm
Voltage 230V-1ph-50/60 Hz 230V-1ph-50/60 Hz
Consumption 1650 W 3700 W
Type of material PVC, polyolefin, microperforated film
Thickness of material 10-30 micron / 42 to 120 gauge