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Heat Gun


The Heat gun can be used to shrink film around products that are sealed in heat shrinkable film with for example the I-sealer. The variable heat control allows for low to high working temperature setting. It needs a short heat up time to reach its operating temperature. The heatgun is designed with a built in stand so it can be positioned in an upright (vertical) position.







  • I Sealer
  • L Sealer
  • Side Sealer
  • Shrink Tunnel
  • Hood Machnie
  • Chamber Machine
  • Audionpack
  • Automatic shink machines
  • AP H20
  • AP H25
  • AP H22SA
  • Elamtic
  • CS Matic
  • SKI Shrink
  • 161B Shrink System
  • Heat Gun
  • L500
  • L800
  • L500 SA
  • L800 SA
  • Audion
  • LT470
  • LT670
  • Shrink Combi
  • TM 18
  • TM 18L
  • TM 30
  • Shrink Tunnel

Audion Shrink range covers all models from standalone heat guns and sealers, to hood machines,combi Heat tunnel and L Sealers, L sealers starting with manual units upto full automatic side Sealers like the El matic and CS matic




Technical Information Heat gun
Standard 4 nozzles included
Power supply 230V-50Hz
Consumption 2000W
Weight 620 g
2 Positions Pos. 1: 350°C 300L/minPos.2: 550°C 500L/min