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Dip tank VDT 6080


The dip tank is mainly used in the food industry. Food is often packed in a shrink bag or in a vacuum bag. When using a vacuum chamber with a dip tank both methods are combined. Special vacuum shrink bags are therefore required.

After vacuum packaging, the product is placed into the dip tank, with hot water filled, for a few seconds. During this bath, the special vacuum shrink film will retract the plastic surplus film around the product. Resulting in a better looking packaging, as well as a reduced packaging volume.



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vacuum chamber machine removes the air out of a bag by using of a vacuum pump. Once the air has been removed the bag is

then sealed. The Audionvac models start with a small tabletop model and progress through various sizes to a very large double

chamber unit. The cabinet of every model is made of stainless steel, while the chamber is either constructed of stainless steel (VMS

machines) or aluminum (VM machines). Each model has a unique combination of different

types of lids and chambers.




Technical information VDT 6080
Machine size (LxWxH) in mm 950x875x1055
Chamber size (LxWxH) in mm 800x600x220
Max. load on working plate 35 kg
Water capacity 150 L
Machine weight 155 kg
Voltage/Phase/Frequency 400V-3Ph-50Hz
Power 15.0 kW