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The IFP is specially designed for gassing various products that require special protective atmospheres. With a separate gas connector on the back of the machine, various gasses or mixtures can be applied.

The IFP sealer is easy to operate. Two potentiometers to make the seal and cool time settings and two foot pedals to operate the gassing and to start the sealing cycle.

The machine operates with compressed air, which enables a tight and strong closing of the sealing bars. It is possible to seal various film widths within the length of the sealing bars. The sealing bars are both heated and can be positioned vertically and horizontally with four positions in between, to suit the working position. The control panel is mounted on the back of this stainless steel machine behind a door which makes the machine less sensitive to moisture and easier to clean.

The IFP is suitable for sealing bags of polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC and all kinds of laminates. The four wheels make it easy to move the sealer.

General operation

The bag containing product is placed between the open sealing jaws and over the gassing nozzle. Press the foot pedal to close the sealing bars and to start the gas flush. Press the other foot pedal to start the sealing cycle. After having completed, the gas, seal and cooling dwell times the sealing bars automatically open and the sealed bag can be removed.



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Technical specifications IFP 475
Seal length 475 mm
Seal width 5 mm
Film thickness Max. 2 x 0,2 mm
Vacuum no
Gas flush standard
Voltage 230V/50-60Hz/3300W
Dimensions of packed machine 100 x 81 x 143 cm
Weight of machine 80 kg



Working table (OT VIS).

Packaging Materials:Bags of PE, PP, PVC and all kinds of laminates