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Vacuum Impulse Sealer (VI)

The Vacuum Impulse sealer is a heavy-duty sealer for vacuum packaging and /or modified atmosphere (gas flush) packaging. The Vacuum Impulse sealer is easy to operate. Nine different programmes are built in the standard. Use the potentiometers to set the vacuum, gas, seal and cool time and press the foot pedal to start the vac/gas/sealing cycle. The pneumatic sealer requires a connection to a compressed air circuit with a pressure of 6 Bar. The Audion Vacuum sealers are available in different sizes to suit bag widths up to a maximum of 1300mm. The sealing bars are both heated and can be positioned vertically and horizontally with four positions in between, to suit the working position. Most packing materials can be used including polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC and all kind of laminates. As standard the VI is supplied with a vacuum pump of 5m3/hr and a water discharge system. The machine is mounted on wheels for easy of manoeuvrability.
General operation
The bag containing product is placed between the open sealing jaws and over the vacuum nozzle. Press the foot pedal to close the sealing bars and the vacuum, gas flush and sealing cycle is automatically activated. After the last action has been carried out, the sealing bars open and the sealed bag can be removed.




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Technical information
VI 475
VI 750
VI 1000
VI 1300
Seal length
Seal width
Film thickness
Max. 2×0,2mm
Max. 2×0,2mm
Max. 2×0,2mm
Max. 2×0,2mm
Gas Flush Standard Standard Standard Standard
230 Volt/50-60Hz/ 3300 Watt
230 Volt/50-60Hz/ 3000 Watt
230 Volt/50-60Hz/ 2400
230 Volt/50-60Hz/ 1800 Watt
Dimensions of packed machine
70x57x140 cm
99x59x139 cm
124x59x139 cm
155x59x139 cm
Weight of machine
76 kg
86 kg
88 kg
94 kg


Built-in compressor (VIC) if there is no air circuit available.
Busch vacuum pump 3m3/hr (VIP) for air circuits with low capacity.
Seal width of 8mm (VI 750, 1000, 1300).
Stainless steel version (VIS) is designed for use in the food industry.
Working table (OT VIS).