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The Audion VSV was designed for vacuum packaging and gas flushing of large heavy objects. The sealing head is adjustable in height so it quickly adapts to different bag lengths. The electronic control panel features nine separate programs, each of which can be set to a different value for vacuum level, gas flushing and sealing. This allows for quick and easy changing between products that have differing packaging requirements.

The Audion VSV can be easily integrated into a packaging line by the addition of a roller of powered conveyor to bring the product under the sealing head. Once there, the bag is secured to the sealing bar with clips and the cycle is started.

The VSV is made of stainless steel and is rated to IP 65. For safety, two handed operation is necessary to start the machine and it is fitted with large emergency stop buttons. Two useful items that are standard equipment are the water discharge and the CIP facility. The water discharge absorbs the condensate that collects when vacuum packaging moist products such as meat, fish or vegetables. The CIP allows the vacuum pipes to be cleaned with warm water after packing powders or liquids.

  • Strong price – quality ratio
  • Heavy duty design
  • Sealing length up to 1020 mm
  • Large seal bar opening 45 mm
  • 9 programs for the standard models
  • 1 program for the MED models
  • User friendly digital panel
  • Bi-active sealing bars suitable for laminates and thick pouches
  • Machine can be equipped with support stand Horizontal and vertical sealing position in combination with support
  • Pneumatically closed sealing bars (no over heating of electro magnets)
  • Machine built according to the latest directives




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  • Operator console with soft feel buttons
  • Multi ejector vacuum pump
  • Two handed operation
  • Air filter
  • Vacuum filter
  • Water discharge system
  • Rinse circuit
  • Pneumatic bag holder
  • Emergency stop
  • 5 mm seal


  • 3 mm or 8 mm wide sealing bar

Packaging material:
All heat sealable vacuum materials can be used such as laminates, polypropylene, nylon, sterifoil, aluminium/paper and coated materials

The VSV works accordingly to the same principle as the other nozzle vacuum machines. The machines works in an automatic mode. The machine is equipped with a bag stretcher. The operator places the bag between the bag holders. Once the bag has been placed, the cycle can be started by pushing two buttons simultaneously. During the cycle time of the machine, the operator has his hands free to prepare the next bag. The head descends, the nozzles will be entered into the bag, and the vacuum and eventual gas flush will be done. The cycle will be ended by making a seal and the head will come up in order to make place for the operator to take of the bag, and place a new one. The machines are made in stainless steel. The electrical parts are IP 65 protected.
VSV 475
VSV 750
VSV 1000
Venturi pump
30 m3/hour
Max. film thickness
2 x 0,2 mm
2 x 0,2 mm
2 x 0,2 mm
Seal width
5 mm
5 mm
5 mm
Seal length
475 mm
750 mm
1000 mm
Consumption during sealing
220 V –1 ph – 3300W
220 V-1 ph-3000W
220V-1 ph-2400W
Min. 7 bar
Min. 7 bar
Min. 7 bar
Gross weight
310 kg
320 kg
330 kg