Audion Packaging Solutions , Speedpack Hybrid 550, boosting your e-fulfilment

Operating BOTH rollbag and layflat material with a sealing width of up to 550mm. Reducing material costs and increasing efficiency. This machine is the perfect bagger for increasing productivity whilst having the versatility to set bag lengths, print and so much more.

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Audion offer an extensive range of machinery that cover a host of industries spanning from parts packaging, food, e-fulfillment and the detailed market of medical, pharmaceutical. Machinery can alter given the industry it is in. The quality requirements within the healthcare and high tech industries have increased considerably in the last couple of years. Audion , keeping control from design to build are able to adapt to this change and offer high performance machines that provide profitable solutions. Work with a company who listen.

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Audion are proud to offer an extensive range of machinery that not only covers a vast amount of industries but our category line means we cater for customers who are looking to seal and close , a very versatile vacuum packaging line, the shrinking process along with semi and fully automated lines.

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Audion is a packaging machinery manufacturer with over 70 years worth of experience. Our friendly team are willing to go beyond expectation's to provide you with a solution that will help efficiency and time.

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