Finance Options

Providing practical solutions for your financial needs.

One of the most crucial considerations for businesses today is cash flow. Whether your business is new, growing, or established, Audion Elektro offer financing as an alternative to purchasing the machinery upfront, to better give customers the freedom to experience the advantages of Audion Elektro machinery, while staying within their operating budget!

Audion Elektro have partnered with Capex Finance, who are able to provide various funding solutions for your equipment acquisition including:

  • Fixed rate hire purchase and finance lease
  • Fixed term rental
  • Low deposits
  • VAT deferments
  • Structured payments to suit your cash flow

Please note that any finance quotation provided will be subject to final credit approval, any changes in the asset price, prevailing interest rates, or any relevant changes in law and will not be an offer by us capable of acceptance by you.


Machine cost: £5,100 + VAT.

1 + 59 at £108 per month.

Full VAT upfront

Fees, admin – £150, final fee £100

Financing is a great way to achieve more through a lending solution. The most important thing for Audion is that this area is kept simple.

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