460 MSIDV Audion Elektro MEDSEAL® Impulse sealing machines for sterilization pouches.

(PE, PP/Paper, Paper/Paper). Sealing in accordance with the DIN 58953 part 7 and ISO 11607-1 standards. Our validatable sealers comply to EN868-5, section 4.3.2Stainless steel cover (AISI 304). The MEDSEAL® MSI is available in two different machine sizes; the 460 MSI and the 611 MSI. Both machines are available as standard (MSI) or digital validatable (MSIDV) version. The MEDSEAL® series is designed for medical device & disposable manufacturers, medical packaging companies, sterilization service providers, public and private hospitals, dentists, all kinds of laboratories and pharmaceutical industries where precision and safety are of great importance.

The 460 MSIDV is best in the following sector(s):


Key benefits

  • Validatable
  • 460mm seal length
  • 8mm seal width
  • Impulse Sealer


Product 460 MSIDV
Seal length 460 mm
Seal width 8 mm
Type of machine Impulse sealer Validatable/Calibratable/Medical
Model Table
Covering Stainless Steel
Knife Optional
Type of film PP (Polypropylene), PE (Polyethylene), Paper-PP, Medical Pouches
Thickness of film 2 x 150 micron
Type of package Bag
Branche/Application Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical Industry
Type of product Granulate, Powder, Solid

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