520MV Magvac PLUS

VAC PSR PLUS 520 Validatable Vacuum Power Sealer

Powerful validatable vacuum impulse sealer for ultimate product safety. The Audion Vacuum Power Sealer PLUS 520 guarantees a high-quality package result for food and non-food products.

This validatable tabletop impulse sealer comes equipped with the user-friendly Audion Touch Techware, which is suitable for sealing flexible films.

Up to 50 seal parameter recipes can be stored so that the operator always has the ideal pre-set settings available for each product/package.

Due to the heavy-duty construction and the high-performance seal bars, thick and/or special films are sealed effortlessly with a reliable 8mm seal. The integrated vacuum system allows vacuuming and/or gas flushing your package according to the set packaging standards of the product.

With the PLUS series you are assured of optimal seal integrity: maximum control of the seal parameters, even with intensive use, making each seal 100% reliable! All our PLUS series impulse sealers are compatible with EN 868-5 and DIN 58993, part 7 norms.

Our PLUS series impulse sealers also fully comply with the ISO 11607-2 and ISO/TS 16775

Additional accessories and configurable options are available to meet the packaging requirements of every specific industry and optimize your packaging process. Our Vacuum Power Sealer PLUS series are also available without a vacuum system, see our Power Sealer PLUS series for more information

Calibration :

Would you like your sealing process to be validated conforming ISO 11607-2? Then your sealer must be calibrated.

Audion provides calibration services for our validatable sealers. The critical process parameters (seal temperature, seal force, seal time/speed, etc.) are measured with traceable measuring devices and a calibration certificate will be issued.

New sealers as well as sealers already in use can be calibrated. For re-calibration, the sealers are requested to be returned to Audion. We first check the status of the sealer. If necessary parts will be replaced, and/or the parameters will be fine-tuned. The sealer will then be calibrated.

If the sealer cannot be returned to Audion, call our service department to make an appointment for on-site calibration.*

(*) On-site calibration service is currently limited to a certain group of sealers.

Key Benefits:
User-friendly Audion Touch Techware (Touchscreen with Audion software)
Venturi vacuum pump
Compact industrial design
Sealing length up to 520 mm
Large sealing bar opening: 45 mm
Bi-active sealing bars which make the machine suitable for laminates and thick pouches
Emergency stop button
Foot operation
Can be used in validated processes
Ability to store up to 50 recipes on the Audion Touch Techware, ensuring that the correct seal settings are always at hand
Possibility to add required options, configuring the best fit machine for your packaging requirements/process
Pneumatic closure of the sealing bars for a powerful equally divided pressure, guaranteeing a perfect seal over the entire length of your bag
When combined with a support, the machine can be used in horizontal and vertical sealing position and is infinitely adjustable in height

The 520MV Magvac PLUS is best in the following sector(s):






Product VAC PSR PLUS 520
Seal length 520 mm
Seal width 8 mm
Type of machine Impulse sealer / Vacuum impulse sealerz
Model Table / Floor
Covering Stainless Steel
Knife option Yes
Pedal operated Yes
Type of film PA/PE, Vacuum Bags, Aluminium Laminated Bags
Required air pressure connection > 6 Bar
Venturi pump 11,3 m3/h
Machine dimensions 613 x 257 x 524 mm
Thickness of film 2 x 200 micron
Branch / Application Food, Industrial Parts, Medical & Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical Industry
Type of product Fluid, Granulate, Powder, Solid

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