AMAPS Semi automatic tray sealer

Semi automatic and user-friendly MAP tray sealer for small and medium sized production.

“Three times faster than its competitors! Thanks to the unique patented MAP technology”

It uses an innovative gas flush process to produce MAP in a rapid period of time. Beside the 3 times higher output which can be reached this unique patented MAP technology has several other benefits. To sum up: Ensuring the best possible flavour and cell structure of your meals which result in the better presentation of your product. No explosion risk, red meat 80% oxygen. Environmental friendly, no use of oil. Low energy consumption, low maintenance cost, ergonomic, low sound level. Although the high output, trays per minute the AMAPS is still compact and flexible in use. The user-friendly touch screen works as your own smartphone and has a huge amount of options. Firstly to increase the efficiency and second to give you a better control of your production. Exchangeable the mould is a piece of cake and can be done under the minute. This allows a quick changeover to different tray sizes and increase your flexibility. The AMAPS semi-automatic tray sealer has a stainless steel cover and is equipped with an automatic film waste rewinding system. Conclusion the AMAPS is one of the most innovative semi-automatic tray sealer on the market at the moment. Compact design, easy to operate and with an unmatched output.

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Key Benefits:
Very fast cycle
Registered patent for MAP without pulling vacuum
Extension of shelf life without harming cell structure and flavor of your product (like pulling vacuum does)
Low oxygen left (less than 0.5% in the tray!)
Filter regulator for humidity, protecting pneumatics
Quick change over of mould enables flexibility
User-friendly touchscreen for easy setting of various recipes

The AMAPS Semi automatic tray sealer is best in the following sector(s):


Product AMAPS Semi automatic tray sealer
Max. Tray size 370 x 270 mm (max. depth: 130 mm)
Min/max seal width 2-8 mm
Type of machine Heat sealer, Tray sealer
Model Floor
Covering Stainless Steel
Knife Contour knife
Pedal operated No
Type of film PET-LDPE Topseal
Thickness of film 62 micron
Type of package Tray
Branch / Application Cheese, Fish, Food, Fruit & Vegetables, Meat & Poultry, Pet Food
Type of product Fluid, Granulate, Solid
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) 810 mm x 785 mm x 1350 mm (1640 mm hood open)
Machine dimensions drawer out (LxWxH) 1250 x 785 x 1350 mm (1640 mm hood open)
Weight Approx 245 Kg
Capacity without MAP 8 cycles/min
Capacity with MAP 6 cycles/min
Max. tray depth 130 mm
Max. film width 320 mm
Power supply 230V-1-50/60 Hz
Consumption 2700 W
Required air pressure connection 6 Bar
Air consumption 200-500 nL/min

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