Audion Speedbags®

Audion Speedbags®

(pre-perforated bags on roll designed for all automatic bagging machines)

High-quality pre-perforated bags on roll, produced in our manufacturing plant in Germany.

SpeedBags® can be used on virtually all automatic bagging machines that use pre-opened bags on a roll, such as Speedpack Tabletop 300 and Speedpack 400 series by Audion Packaging Machines, Rollbag ™ Baggers by Clamco Packaging, Autobag Baggers by Automated Packaging Systems and MAX™ Baggers by Sharp Packaging.

Speedpack is a registered trademark of Audion Packaging Machines, Rollbag is a trademark of Clamco Packaging, Autobag is a registered trademark of Automated Packaging Systems, MAX is a trademark of Sharp Packaging Systems.

Each bag on the roll has an open end for easy insertion of the product, a bottom seal and a perforation between the bags for separating the bag from the roll after being filled (manually or automatically).

The strength and clarity of SpeedBags® make it ideal for retail and industrial applications, such as parts packaging.

Audion is committed to providing the highest quality poly bags in a variety of sizes, styles and materials all to fit your specific packaging requirements.

A Complete Solution!

Audion’s SpeedBags® offer the perfect complement to our Speedpack Tabletop 300 and Speedpack 400 bagging machines. Audion’s Speedpack packaging machinery is available in several configurations and can be customized for each line of industry, running from SpeedBags® or from tubular film, making bags in line and being capable of changing bag lengths for each product to be packed.

Discover Audion’s flexible film solutions and experience the extra value of combining SpeedBags® or our Audion tubular film with the Speedpack series. All being produced at our manufacturing site in Germany.

Key Benefits:
SpeedBags®can be supplied in a wide range of materials such as:
Clear LDPE
Duplex (white front/clear back)
Mailer film (coex film, black inside/ white outside)
Antistatic film
Printed film
SpeedBags® are available with Ventholes or Vertical Perforation depending on your application requirements.

The Audion Speedbags® is best in the following sector(s):







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