Audionvac Custom Made

For applications that require vacuum packing large pouches or creating brick packs that can not be made with our tabletop vertical vacuum chambers, custom built floor standing machines are possible.

These units have chambers that are specially designed for the customer’s required bag size and production speed. Such a vertical vacuum chamber can even be added as part of a production line that uses Audion’s vertical form fill seal equipment, considerably increasing production capacity when creating large brick packs of coffee or other products.The sealing length of this machine depends on the requirements, it starts at 380 mm and can be made longer on request.

The Audionvac Custom Made is best in the following sector(s):



Product Audionvac Custom made
Seal length 380 mm
Type of machine Vacuum chamber
Model Floor
Covering Stainless Steel
Pedal operated No
Machine dimensions (lid open) 500 (W) x 670 (D) x 790 (H) mm
Type of film PA/PE, Vacuum Bags, Aluminum Laminated Bags
Thickness of film 2 x 150 micron
Type of package Bag
Branch / Application Coffee & Tea, Food Industry
Type of product Fluid, Granulate, Powder, Solid

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