Automated parts packing Speedpack

Automated parts packing , weighing ,filling, counting and labelling.

Audion Elektro Speedpack Automated parts packing machine can operate both rollbag and layflat tube material. Therefore you can make a bag length on the fly.

In other words this versatile advanced automated parts packing machine can work from layflat tubing as well as from pre-opened bags on roll. Due to the integrated bag-creator assembly, bag lengths can be adjusted “on-the-fly” to generate material savings and create the perfect package. Don’t be stuck to running pre made bags on a roll when Audion Elektro can offer an automated parts packing machine that can make the bag for you from layflat tube. Ideal for Automated parts packing where product alters in quantity and size.

The user-friendly touch screen ensures ultimate flexibility. Bag and seal settings can easily be adjusted for every product. The integrated high-end PLC in combination with Audion software allows to connect product feeding and discharge systems to the Speedpack. If you have your ERP system communicate with Speedpack, your products can be labelled next-bag-out or in batches. Perfect for Automated parts packing.

Each product has its own packaging requirements. That is why Audion has developed various product solutions that can optimize your complete packaging process from the infeed, the weighing or counting process, the filling process up till the coding process and discharge of your packed products. Making these systems ideal for automated parts packing.

This machine is ideal for a range of industries such as parts packing , Plumbing parts , nuts and bolts , hobby and craft , electronics , automative , aerospace and defence and a whole lot more.



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Key benefits

  • Being able to use layflat tube and rollbag on one machine.
  • Code printing or label printing option
  • Counting or weighing
  • Communicating to your ERP system.

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