Automatic form fill seal machine AVM 190HS AVM 190HSI.

The AVM 190 HS can be used to pack many different products, such as granules, powders, liquids, and solids. The low height of the machine (less than 1200 mm) means that product feeding can be done manually or by means of a fully automatic dosing system, which Audion can supply. The complete AVM 190 HS range is designed to be integrated with a multi head/multi-lane scale, as well as auger, pump or volumetric filler. Options for AVM 190 HS and AVM 190 HSI. Gas flush for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)Dust collector. Product catching plates. Air press device. Support table for packaging bags over 1,5Kg. Perforation system. Bar coding, printing and labeling. Encoder wheel on film transport. Stainless steel wash down construction (IP 65). Servo driven horizontal seal bars. Servo driven film transport. Inverter controlled motor for film roll unwinding. Automatic web tracking. Discharge conveyor. Multiple vertical stroke.

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Key benefits

  • AVM 190 HS: High speed for laminates and PP
  • AVM 190 HSI: High speed Impulse for PE film
  • The AVM 190 HS is a High Speed version, able to achieve a production speed of 100+ bags/min.
  • The AVM 190 HS has 12 mm wide horizontal heat seal bars, pneumatically-adjustable film transport belts, and a touch screen operator interface
  • The AVM 190 HSI is specially designed for applications where polyethylene (PE) material is used.
  • The AVM 190 HSI is equipped with special impulse horizontal seal bars to ensure perfect sealing of polyethylene (PE) bag material.
  • The AVM 190 HSI also features the ability to set the cool down temperature, giving the seal the necessary strength to hold the weight of product in the bag.
  • The AVM 190 HSI gives a fast, high integrity seal even with thick materials.


Machine type AVM 190 HS AVM 190 HSI
Bag width (min-max) 50-190 mm 50-190 mm
Bag length (min-max) 50-300 mm 50-300 mm
Max. bag volume 2 Liter 2 Liter
Max weight per bag 1500 g 1500 g
Film thickness PP (min-max) 25-80 µm
Film thickness PE (min-max) 40-200 µm–
Max. capacity with PP 80 bags
Max capacity with PE 40 bags
Inner diameter film 75 mm 75 mm
Max. diameter film roll 400 mm 400 mm
Air pressure 7 bar 7 bar
Air consumption 200 -400 l/min & 300-600 l/min
Machine dimensions (lxWxH) 1545 x 910 x 1175 mm
Machine weight 230 kg 230 kg
Voltage 230 V-1ph-50/60Hz230 V-1ph-50/60Hz
Power 1,4 kW 1,6 kW
Branche/Application Backery, Cheese, Coffee & Tea, Fish, Food, Fruit & Vegetables, Industrial Parts, Meat & Poultry, Office Supplies, Packaging & Logistics, Pet FoodBackery, Cheese, Coffee & Tea, Fish, Food, Fruit & Vegetables, Industrial Parts, Meat & Poultry, Office Supplies, Packaging & Logistics, Pet Food
Type of product Fluid, Granulate, Powder, Solid

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