Automatic Packaging CS Matic 100

This new automatic shrink sealer works with a continuous side sealer and a longitudinal intermittent sealing system that has at least 3 indisputable advantages.

Unlimited length of product that can be packed. Significant increase in production capacity. Less waste film, resulting in lower costs.


The Automatic Packaging CS Matic 100 is best in the following sector(s):




Key benefits

  • Alternate longitudinal sealing system with a continuous vertical seal
  • PTFE coated horizontal sealing bar
  • Inverter and encoder controlled
  • Automatic adjustment of the center seal
  • Flexmode control sytem with:
  • Alpha numeric LCD control panel
  • Panel PC and 7” full colour touchscreen display
  • 32-bit microprocessor
  • Each motor equipped with inverter
  • In/out control modules for digital, analog input/output and thermo couple-reading control for series
  • Memory for 20 different operating programs
  • Easy film insertion and convoying system
  • Kissing belts
  • Storage / readout of process statistics (counter,measurements of pack length, real time out put, machine performance, control of irregular packs)
  • Automatic control of the sealing bar height
  • Conveyor speed electronically adjustable
  • Single pack/ multi-pack mode
  • Adjustable sealing time
  • The seal temperature is dual adjustable (for both sealers)
  • Faulty packs detection


Product CS-Matic100
Seal length 500 mm
Seal width 0,7 mm
Type of machine Shrink sealer
Model Floor
Covering Epoxy
Machine size 2180 x 1545 x 1525-1655 mm
Machine weight 715 kg
Type of film PVC, PO (Polyolefin), PE (Polyethylene)
Thickness of film 2 x 30 micron
Type of package Bag
Branche/Application Backery, Cheese, Fruit & Vegetables, Industrial Parts, Office Supplies, Packaging & Logistics, Pet Food
Type of product Solid
Machine dimensions 2180 x 1545 x 1525-1655 mm
Seal dimensions 500 mm/length unlimited
Max. product height 200 mm
Max. film reel width 600 mm
Max. film reel ø 350 mm
Conveyor speed 1 up to 30m/min Max. total
Product weight on conveyor 30 kg
Production capacity 4200 packs/hour (depending on product size and material used)
Power supply 380V-415V/3ph/50-60 Hz
Consumption 2300W

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