D 549 Vertical Continuous Sealer

The ideal solution when speed, seal integrity and flexibility are of paramount importance

Vertical continuous sealer:

The D 549 is a vertical continuous sealer. This means that bags can be sealed in upright position which is useful for products that would roll out of the bag lying down. By using PTFE tapes, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Cellophane, Paper, Aluminium and other laminate films can be sealed with a reliable 12mm seal.

High throughput speed and flexible sealbar configuration:

The machine is standard equipped with 2 seal bars one after the other (Stage 1 and Stage 2) and standard 2 cooling blocks one after the other (Stage 1 and Stage 2). This makes the machine very suitable for sealing thicker films. Due to the innovative seal bar / cooling block configuration in combination with an excellent sealing pressure, thicker films can be sealed at a higher throughput speed (up to 20 mtr/min.), which can make a positive contribution to the efficiency / quantity of your production. When sealing paper laminates a configuration with 3 seal bars and 1 cooling block can be chosen.

Touch screen with pre-set seal parameter recipes: 

The D 549 is standard equipped with the easy to use Audion Touch Techware. The temperature (max 250°C), throughput speed and cooling are easily adjustable. Up to 50 pre-programmed seal parameter recipes can be entered. This ensures that the operator always has the right seal settings available when different products or bag types are sealed.


The D 549 can seal bags with a long flap above the seal (135mm). Optionally a cutting device can be built in, which automatically removes the remaining film above the seal.

  • Configurable seal bars from 2 seal bars / 2 cooling blocks (standard) to 3 seal bars with 1 cooling block (especially useful when sealing paper laminates)
  • Cutting device (cuts away the spare film above the seal)
  • Code roll
  • Printer option

Ideal for :

  • Food
  • Pet-food
  • Medical
  • Fish
  • Pharma
  • High-Tech
  • Meat & Poultry industry
  • Food processing
  • Direct marketing
  • Non-food industry
  • Electronics
Key Benefits:
Fast throughput speed (up to 20 meters per minute)
Versatile continuous sealer
Simple to Use – minimal operator training
Height of the machine in accordance to the conveyor belt can be adjusted (only in combination with optional support)
Audion Touch Techware
Cool down function
High quality PTFE seal belts
Conveyor belt speed can be adjusted / synchronized
Industrial-grade machines

The D 549 Vertical Continuous Sealer is best in the following sector(s):





Product D 549
Seal length Unlimited
Type of machine Continuous sealer, Semi automatic
Covering Stainless Steel
Knife Optional
Type of film Cellophane, Laminate, Ready Made Bags, PP (Polypropylene), PE (Polyethylene)
Thickness of film 2 x 300 micron (min. 2 x 20)
Type of package Bag
Sealing speed Max. 20 meter per minute
Conveyor belt height Min 475 mm / Max 975 mm
Voltage 230
Dimensions 450 L x 607 W x 1555 H mm

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