D 775 MPCV

D 775 MPCV Contimed Advanced medical rotary sealer for sealing and coding medical sterilization pouches. This sealer is developed to seal pouches and conforms to the sealing requirements of EN 868-5 and DIN 58953-7. The machine is suitable for packing sterilized products and conforms to the sealing requirements of EN 868-5 and DIN 58953-7.

It represents the ultimate evolution of Audion production in the medical field, with adjustable speed, a 15 mm seal, wide color touch screen and data memory on board. Data from the whole sealing process can be recorded, ensuring full validation to the relevant standards. It has a built-in printer with 2 lines of print. Accessories : Front Support tray , Roller support tray , Labels printer OPTIONS Calibration , Power Supply 110V.

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Key benefits

  • Temperature controller
  • Validatable
  • 15 mm multiline seal
  • Ethernet, USB and RS 232 multiple interfaces
  • Communication with external devices
  • Remote control of the sealer
  • Traceability of sealing parameters
  • Suitable for pre-made sterile barrier systems, uncoated Tyvek®
  • Touchscreen with user-friendly software
  • 62 cm wide
  • Built-in double line printer
  • Stainless steel
  • 18 dots matrix printer
  • Print 1 line, 2 lines or barcode
  • Energy efficient and sustainable


Product D 775 MPCV
Seal length Unlimited
Seal width 15 mm (multi line)
Type of machine Band sealer/Validatable/Calibratable/medical/Semi automatic
Model Table
Covering Epoxy/Stainless Steel
Pedal operated No
Type of film Aluminium Laminated Bags, Paper-PP, Medical Pouches
Thickness of film 2 x 100 micron
Type of package Bag
Branche/Application Medical & Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical Industry
Type of product Solid

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