MSS Cupsealer

The Audion MSS easy to operate and quickly ready for use.

The cupsealer is equipped with an automatic system to seal any kind of cups. The filled cups will be covered with a top film and sealed airtight. This process only needs a power supply. The contour cute knife gives the cups a luxurious appearance. You won’t have to switch out film very often, thanks to the large capacity. The unique design of the machine makes it an appealing machine. Thanks to small foot and high-quality materials used it can handle being moved from one location to another if you’re remodelling a retail space. Since it doesn’t require a lever or tricky instructions, anyone can use it. The Audion MSS cup sealer has an exchangeable mould. This gives you the flexibility to switch from cup to tray or even the unique Skirt design to give your product exclusive product packaging. Ideal for Supermarkets, Horeca and Take Away.

Menu tray mould
Cup mould
Multiple cups in one mould.

Key Benefits:
Small foot print
Exchangeable moulds, menu tray, cup or Skirt design
Low power consumption
Easy to operate and quickly ready for use
Skirt design: Remove a source of irritation, with the easy opening
Gives your packaging a modern or authentic presentation with huge attention
Be distinctive and durable, stand out on the shelves and distinguish yourself from the competition which enables a long-term successful enterprise
Hygienic and easy to clean thanks to smooth surfaces and rounded corners

The MSS Cupsealer is best in the following sector(s):


Product MSS cupsealer
Max. Tray size 227 x 177 mm, Cup: Ø 184 mm
Type of machine Tray sealer
Model Table
Covering Stainless Steel
Pedal operated No
Type of film PET-LDPE Topseal
Thickness of film 62 micron
Type of package Tray
Branch / Application Food industry
Type of product Fluid, Granulate, Solid
Max. depth of tray or cup 100 mm
Seal width 2-8 mm (depends on tray rim)
Dimensions machine 680 x 470 x 380 mm (lxwxh)
Weight machine 42 kg
Voltage 230V-1ph-50/60 Hz
Consumption 1200
Max. film width 320 mm
Power supply 230V-1-50/60 Hz
Consumption 2700 W
WIP value IP 54

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