Order fulfillment bagging machine Speedpack 400

Order fulfillment bagging machine


The ultimate bagging system for e-commerce packaging and Order fulfillment !

The speedpack Hybrid allows the operator to run the machine using either pre made bags on a roll and layflat tube. This particular model has been designed especially for the E-commerce packaging sector providing savings on the labour input involved and because of the option to use layflat tube this means a reduction in material costs.

The Speedpack range has the ability to pack up to 360 bags per hour on average making it a perfect order fulfillment bagging machine. This means that warehouse and fulfillment centres quadruple the packaging output compared to manual packing on ldpe sleeve film.

Why buy a machine that only operates rollbag when the Speedpack can operate layflat and rollbag

The next-bag-out printer or label printer ensures that every package is accurately supplied with the shipping detail required for the order, because of this it helps to reduce the error ratio within the company which in turn reduces lost revenue.

Discover the benefits of Speedpack Order fulfillment in E-commerce!

Print head options

In addition Speedpack Order fulfilment is available in 2 versions, including thermal transfer printer or label printer applicator.

Need a bigger bag?

If you need to pack the larger items such as shoe boxes or towels then look to the 550 speedpack machine. Click here for more detail.

Key Benefits:
Bag size selection “on the fly” (layflat tubing), lowering material costs
Works with layflat tubing as well as pre-opened bags-on-a-roll
User friendly touchscreen, bag lengths and settings can be stored
Easy bag opening system
High-end PLC for maximum flexibility and connectivity
Interface with ERP systems or local database
Compact size minimizes floor space
Quick roll change to facilitate easy and fast changeover
Self-diagnostic quick problem solving
Low pressure closing with obstruction system for improved operator safety
Next-bag-out thermal transfer printer or label printer applicator

The Order fulfillment bagging machine Speedpack 400 is best in the following sector(s):




Product Speedpack order fulfillment
Seal length 400 mm or 550 mm
Seal width 1.5 mm
Minimum bag length 270 mm
Type of machine Compact form fill seal machine
Model Floor
Covering Epoxy
Knife Yes
Pedal operated Yes / No
Type of film Tubular Film, Rollbags
Thickness of film 2 x 125 micron
Type of package Bag
Branch / Application Shop Order Fulfillment, E-commerce
Type of product Solid

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