Speedpack Hyrbid High Speed

High Speed bagging machine.


The speedpack hybrid highspeed Hybrid meaning the machine can run BOTH bags on a roll and layflat material. Something only Audion can offer. This meaning you are not locked in to bag on a roll order quantities as you can make the bags yourself if required. The machine is designed for ultimate flexibility, reliability and optimising your throughput. Return in investment on these machines are retrieved very quickly as labour can be moved to other parts of the building.

For ultimate speed in bag making and bag filling, the High Speed version of Speedpack offers a great solution. This powerful packaging machine is constructed with two heads: the first head integrating film rollers and offering space for mounting a (label) printer; the back head in which the bag making assembly is integrated. This solution enables you to produce shorter bags at high speed, even when a coding on the bag is desired!

Bottom seal and top seal of the bag are made independently from each other (when the top seal is made on the first bag, the bottom seal is already made at the next bag), facilitating a great capacity!

This high-speed version is perfectly suitable when small bags are required, f.i. parts packaging, or packaging in medical and pharma industry in medical film.

The Speedpack Hyrbid High Speed is best in the following sector(s):




Key benefits

  • Run BOTH layflat and bags on a roll material
  • Bottom seal and top seal are made indpendently,
  • Label or printing application
  • Easy connection to infeed or outfeed conveyor


Product Speedpack Hybrid High Speed
Type of machine Compact form fill seal machine
Model Floor
Seal length 50-400 mm (min-max)
Bag length 50-600 mm (min-max)
Seal width 1,5 mm (8 mm optional)
Capacity layflat tubing max. 40 bags / min (depending on bag size, film and way of filling)
Working height 875 mm (adjusted height is optional)
Pedal operated Optional
Covering Epoxy (Stainless Steel is optional)
Thickness of film 40-125 micron
Type of package Bag, Chain-Bag
Branche/Application Industrial Parts, Office Supplies, Packaging & Logistics, Pet Food, Shop, Warehouse, Accessory packaging, Automotive, Fasteners, Household products, Pet products, Toys, Medical packaging, Pharma packaging
Type of product Granulate, Solid
Diameter film rollmax. 300 mm
Opening between sealing bars 150 mm (product ø 125 mm)
Dimensions (l x w x h) 1325 x 845 x 1125 mm / with roll: 1475 x 845 x 1125 in highest position
Voltage 230 V-1ph-50 /60 Hz
Consumption 1850 W
Required external air pressure 7 bar, 200-500 Nl/min
IP value IP20
Directives / norms EMC Directive
Standards 2006/95/EC, 2004/108/EC, EN-ISO-12100

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