Tube Sealer

Compact model

Front loading machine. 4-6 tubes sealed during cycle.
Tube length: 70 mm-230 mm. Tube Ø: 20-50 mm, 4-6 tubes sealed during cycle.
Tube holder for 6 tubes: cap Ø from 20 to 40 mm (seal length max. 65 mm per tube).
Tube holder for 4 tubes: cap Ø from 40 to 50 mm.

Possible tubes: PE-PP/AL-PESeal width: 4 mm flat. Max. 3 seals per min.
Bi-active sealing bars.
Moving Thermo controlled impulse seal bar.
Fixed heat seal bar (code seal prepared).
Electronic control of seal and cool time.
Automatic adjustment of sealing pressure9 storage programs.
Power supply: 230V-1Ph-50/60 Hz.
Consumption: 750 W.
Dimensions of the machine: 64x35x50 cm.
Machine weight: 37 kg.
Seal temperature: 50°C ÷ 300°C ± 1°.

Key Benefits:
Compact model
Front loading machine
Different tube length possible (for each different cap size a new tube holder is necessary)
Preparation of code is integrated in the machine (for 4 or 6 tubes, different heat seal bar)
Max. 10 characters possible per tube

The Tube Sealer is best in the following sector(s):


Product Tube sealer
Seal length 65 mm
Seal width 4 mm
Type of machine Heat sealer, Impulse sealer, Tube sealer
Model Table
Covering Epoxy
Knife No
Pedal operated No
Type of film AL-PE, PE-PP
Thickness of film 2 x 100 micron
Type of package Tube
Branch / Application Medical & Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Industry, Laboratories
Type of product Fluid, Granulate, Powder

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