VMS 133L

If you need more space in your table top vacuum chamber the Audion VMS 133 L is the machine.

VMS 133L

Large table top vacuum packaging machine

If you need more space in your table top vacuum chamber the Audion VMS 133 L is the machine. We have increased the dimension of one of the most popular vacuum packaging machine worldwide to allow for a variety of sizes to fit.

The effective width of the L version is 90 mm more than the standard VMS 133. The total effective width of the VMS 133 L is 460 mm


  • 2 seal bars front and back, double your packing capacity
  • Inclined plate for 2 silicone holders
  • Inclined plate for 1 silicone holder
  • Wide seal 8 mm
  • Cut-off seal, to easily tear off the residual plastic.
  • Sensor control, constant, guaranteed end vacuum
  • Power supply: 110/115-1-60 / 220-1-60 / 1001-1-50/60

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Key benefits

  • Standard time control
  • Busch vacuum pump
  • Maintenance friendly and easy to clean construction
  • Made from high quality materials
  • Standard double seal
  • Standard with 1 program memory
  • Easy to operate with digital display
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • High transparent lid which increase your capacity and flexibility
  • Standard equipped with 230-1-50 power supply


Product Audionvac VMS 133L
Seal length 410 mm
Seal width 3,5 mm double seal
Effective chamber size (LxWxH) 410 x 460 x 180 mm
Type of machine Vacuum chamber
Model Table
Covering Stainless Steel
Pump capacity 16 m3/h
Pedal operated No
Type of film PA/PE, Vacuum Bags
Thickness of film 2 x 150 micron
Type of package Bag
Branche/Application Backery, Cheese, Coffee & Tea, Fruit & Vegetables, Industrial Parts, Meat & Poultry, Office Supplies, Packaging & Logistics, Pet Food, Shop, Warehouse, Food Industry
Type of product Granulate, Powder, Solid

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